Thursday, October 23, 2014

Farewell Talks
On October 19 we gave our farewell talks in Church.  It was a lot of stress before the Sunday that we gave our talks.  We wanted to say something that would reflect our upcoming mission, which we still don't know exactly what we will be doing.  Craig told me that people wanted to hear about us and our decision to serve and not have a sermon.  Then he was preparing his talk and I had to tell him the same thing.  So it ended up the way we felt good about our talks.  We had Brenda and her men come for the weekend.  It was really nice.  At the meeting we had several relatives come.  Colleen was here from Alaska.  Doris and Jim attended, bringing my Mother. Colette, Jerry and two of their children were here.  My aunt and some of her children came as well as Craig's aunt and some of her children. Some good friends that don't belong to the ward also attended.  We appreciate their support as we embark on this mission.
Now we have to get the final touches done at home and pack the suitcases,  I hope we get all our things in the suitcases.  That will be our next challenge.