Thursday, February 19, 2015

Progress Report

We have been quite busy lately, hence the delay in getting out a new posting. We know you readers are all soooo  excited to receive each of our new episodes!  Anyway, in this posting we are giving you some information about the essence, the main ingredients, of the church’s Self-Reliance efforts.


Mexico (our office) finally received the printed materials for the new Self-Reliance courses, a change in approach for members as of this year (2015). There are five courses, each having a booklet that participants use to guide them. Each of the courses is ‘managed’ by a facilitator, as specialist who knows the subject matter. Sorry to bore you, but this is exciting and a wonderfully insightful approach. The first course is only one night but it is called “My Path to Self-Reliance” and it helps the participant realize what self-reliance is and then guides them in a self-analysis of just where they stand in terms of their personal (and family) self-reliance. It also helps them determine what their particular needs are in terms of how to pursue becoming more self-reliant. That first course really sets the tone for what follows and gets the member moving done his or her right ‘path’. OK. The course, then, guides them to one of three 12 week courses, following that first night. All of the courses meet one night a week for the 12 weeks. Those are:


1. My Search for Employment -- steps leading the person to improve in their current profession, etc. Some folks are already in a good career (that’s what they call them here) but need help in improving their skills or other measures that will aid them in ‘moving up’, etc.  


2. How to Begin or Grow My Business -- as implied, the best option for many folks here is to either become self-employed, and they get help in identifying those possibilities depending on where they live. Others have a business already and the course assists them in ways to make it grow and become even more stable.


3.  Education for Better Employment -- this course is only six weeks long, guiding the participant to what he or she can do to get the right education for a career in demand, which can differ from area to area. They can then determine the best institution to attend to prepare them for that career. After the first six weeks they then start to attend one of the other two courses for the last six weeks (their choice), giving them a jump on additional insight into careers, businesses, etc. in their preparation for the education.


Now, we said there are five booklets. The fifth is “My Foundation: Principles, Habits, and Abilities”. This one is used in every one of the other sessions, for 20 minutes at the beginning. It is helps them learn things like time and money management and also brings in gospel principles and links them to all that they are doing. Self-reliance means BOTH temporal AND spiritual. The church wants them all, and us as well, to be spiritual, be good people and develop good habits in our lives.


WE HOPE YOU ARE NOT ALL BORED!  We just feel that if you are to understand what we are doing on our mission, supporting this church-sponsored initiative, then you need to understand just a bit about how it is being carried out. And, truthfully, everything we do in our calling is directed at supporting, helping, and assisting this cause in one way or another.


In a coming posting, we will tell you more about the spiritual experiences we are having, as well, and there are many.  We also have many opportunities to experience Mexico in other ways, as well, and so those will also be covered in future episodes!      WE PROMISE!!!!
Typical Roadside Fruit Stand
Being Serenaded at Family Home Evening
 Valentine Dinner with Mission President, and Senior Couples
 The Area Presidency, Elder Pieper 1st Couselor, Elder DeHoyos President, Elder Valenzuela 2nd Counselor.  The Area Plan for 2015 is focused on being self-reliant spiritually and temporally.
 Us at the Valentine's Dinner.  Yum!