Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here We Go!
We have been in Mexico a week now.  It has been quite the whirlwind of activities. We have been getting oriented on the Self-Reliance initiative.  Mexico is really working hard to help the members here become self-reliant.  We have spent 3 days with area managers visiting centers and seeing how the program works.  Our main responsibilities will be administrative, making sure information is kept current.  That will take a lot of time, since each of the 227 stakes and 27 districts have a Self-Reliance center. 


Our time, 10 days, in the MTC was so great.  It gave us a good send off.  Being in the MTC gives one a real missionary spirit.  It was a busy time with full days of classes the first week of training.  We learned how Preach My Gospel works and did a lot of role plays.  We were with a group of many seniors doing a variety of missionary service.  Several couples were MLS missionaries returning to their home stake to work on Member and Leadership service.  That is a good alternative for many seniors wishing to serve but who are unable to leave their homes for whatever reason.  The 3 devotionals we attended were so inspirational, uplifting, and testimony building.


The first 3 days of our second week at the MTC were spent in Salt Lake at Church headquarters being oriented on the Self-Reliance program.  We met the three members of the Seventy who are in charge of the initiative and others who are helping administer the program world-wide.  The success stories of those who have completed the workshops and applied the principles have been life changing both temporally and spiritually.


Thanks to Brenda’s family for letting us stay with them the night before we flew to Mexico City.  We were able to get a good night’s rest and then get to the airport at a decent hour.  If we would have stayed at the MTC that night we would probably had to have left at 3:30 a.m.  The flight to Mexico went well and after a little delay from Salt Lake we were on our way. We made our connection in Houston and then off to Mexico City.  The next day we were in the office and began to work. Though we have only been here for one full week, we can say with certainty we will enjoy being missionaries  in the service of the Lord here in Mexico!


Our housing is good for missionaries.  We are close to the office where we work and are comfortable in the apartment where we are living.  Actually, in the same building where we live, there are 7 other senior missionary couples! All are working in either the Mexico City West Mission office or the Area office in various capacities. It is certainly a nice group of folks with which to be associated. They have helped us considerably since our arrival. There are still a few small household things we need to acquire before we will feel settled in, but it will all come with time.

We are official now, Brenda cried when she saw our badges.

At the MTC world map pointing to our assignment.
 At Mexico City Temple, it is closed for renovation but should open in summer 2015. 
The visitor center is amazing.