Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 is here!

First of all we want to wish everyone the very best in 2016. For us, 2015 was a super year and we hope that for each of you, and for ourselves, that 2016 can be as good as better.


January has been quite an eventful month.  First, our new granddaughter, Grace Anderson, was blessed on January 3.  Grace is the daughter of our son Larry and his wife Liz.  She was born November 27, the day after Thanksgiving.  She is such a beautiful baby and we are grateful for her, and all the other sweet little spirits in our lives. Grace is our ninth grandchild, so we are, indeed, blessed!


Then on the 16th of January, our daughters Anita and Brenda came to Mexico for a little visit.  We were able to take the time to show them around for a few days. We enjoyed seeing them and having them here.  They participated in some of our church assignments and we did some sight-seeing around the city. Their visit gave us the energy we need to keep going the next few months.  We are so blessed to have them in our family. We really have gained a greater appreciation for family during our time here and we are so thankful for them and the joy each one brings in our lives.  They each mean so much to each of us, from the oldest to the youngest.


After the girls left we had a week-long conference with all the Self-Reliance managers in the Mexico Area.  They came from all over the country and we first did a temple session together and then went to Cuernavaca (about 1 ½ hours out of the city) for our conference.  It was actually like an in-xxx training or seminar, under the direction of the Area Manager, Elder Salinas. We have mentioned him several times in the past because he is our supervisor. It was wonderful to see all of the managers again after a year, however we do see them on WebEx each Friday in the weekly meeting.  Four of them are actually new managers, replacing some who went for school or other positions.  These are all truly inspiring men, because of the work that they do and the difference they are making in moving the initiative of Self-Reliance forward.  The week was full of meetings of great inspiration and very productive.  We returned to Mexico City with renewed drive to keep us going. And, of course, after an intense week, we were very tired.  So we have taken the weekend to catch our breath before the coming week. It is hard to realize that February is already here! Where did January go????


We thank you all for your prayers and support. 
 This is Grace Anderson on her blessing day.
 Visit to Teotihuacan with the Anita and Brenda.
Saying good-bye to the girls in front of the apartment.  We will see them in a few months.
 At the Self-Reliance seminar in Cuernavaca, Mexico with all of the managers and office staff.
We have a new missionary couple working in our office now.  They are working on Education Projects.