Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas and Seasonal Greetings to All!  

May you find joy this season and throughout the New Year!


As we write this Christmas message this year, we are so very thankful for each of you, for your thoughts, prayers and support.  Serving a mission for our church far from home and family is challenging, especially now that we are older. We just welcomed into the family a new granddaughter, Grace Anderson, but we had to do it by Skype! As our family grows and the grandchildren get older, we seem to miss them more and more. We realize that ‘family’ is a very critical part of our lives. We also value friends highly and are so grateful for all of you.  We look forward to being able to see you each again.

We have just less than five months remaining in our mission. The time has gone so quickly for us. We continue to be fully occupied in activities that support the Self-Reliance Initiative of our church in the entire country of Mexico. We work with many outstanding people and feel inspired in the work. It is an initiative aimed at providing support and resources to individuals and families that enable them to improve their temporal and spiritual self-reliance -- the ability to support themselves financially, with sufficient to help others with their time or other resources, as well.  It helps find better jobs for people, helps them get a better education, improve their ability to move forward in their current career, and helps teach principles to assist individuals in starting or growing their own business. It is a very comprehensive program and has had a tremendous impact in Mexico. It literally helps hundreds of people each month improve their lives. What could be a more fulfilling assignment than this?

Our wish is that each of you will have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Season this year, whatever your faith or family traditions may be.  May you be thankful and may you find joy in your life is our greatest hope. 
Craig & Bonnie Anderson
Pictures of us with Christmas trees.
This one is in the office of the Area Presidency

This one is with Elder Salinas and Esteban.  We work with them in Self-Reliance.  The tree is in the devotional room of the area office.


 This Tree is in a Restaurant in Hacienda Vista Hermosa. The building was built in 1529. It was a fun place to have brunch before visiting Tuxla. 
 This is in the visitors center next to the temple.
 This was in the parking lot of the temple.  Interesting tree.  And nearly a full moon
 We visited the temple grounds to see the lights.  We have another picture like this one in the day taken about one year ago.

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